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The White Tree challenge: "Vigil" (King Tarannon of Gondor)

Title: Vigil
Author: allie_meril
Characters: King Tarannon Falastur, guards
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LOTR appendices.
Disclaimer: Of course, Tolkien owns everything.
Notes: An old drabble, but it fits so perfectly! (Ann, could you add a "White Tree" challenge tag for me?)



"You received my—"

"Would I be here if I had not?"

"Yes, my lord. Follow me."

Two shadows cut across the courtyard, noiselessly. When they reached the pool of the White Tree, both king and guard stopped short.

"It has been waiting there since yesterday, my lord," the guard whispered.

Curled by the side of the pool, the cat turned its mirrorlike eyes on them and meowed. A strangely ominous sound: a warning. The king felt a chill, and heard a voice he thought had died years ago.

Ten years… and I will make sure you never forget me.

Tags: challenge: trees: white tree, character: other canon character
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