Callynn (cyloran) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Trees Challenge - Holly: It's a Gift to Be Simple

Title: It's a Gift to Be Simple
Author: Cyloran
Characters: Sam, Elanor the Fair
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LoTR appendices.
Disclaimer: Not mine and never could be. Just passing through.

When Samwise came round to the door yard with an armload of fresh cuttings, he was surprised to find Elanor seated on the ground, weeping.

"Here, now! What's this?" Sam dropped his burden and plopped down beside her. "Tears on Solstice eve?"

Elanor looked at him with mournful eyes. "I wanted to buy Mama something pretty for her hair but I've no coin."

"Now, now," soothed Sam as he put an arm around her small shoulders. "I've holly and winter-rose aplenty; enough to make as pretty a wreath for Rosie's hair as any could be wanting. We'll make it together."
Tags: author: cyloran, challenge: trees: holly, character: other canon character, character: sam
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