mysterious_jedi (mysterious_jedi) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: The Long Winter
Author: Mysterious Jedi
Characters: Hama (son of Helm Hammerhead)
Source: LOTR (appendices)
Warnings: Character Death
Disclaimer:Based on the works of Tolkien. Not for profit.

Hunger. Burning hunger. Hunger so great that Háma and his men left Helm’s Deep to look for food. Cold. Freezing cold. Blinding snow. Must not stop. Must find food. Háma ‘s father had advised against this mission. But Helm Hammerhead, for all his skill in battle, could not fight this enemy. This hunger. So Helm’s younger son is on a quest. A quest for survival. Cold. Snow. Which way is Helm’s Deep? Is there any food? No animals. No plants. No food. Only cold. And snow. The cold does not feel so great now…and Háma is lost to this world.
Tags: author: mysterious_jedi, challenge: extreme weather: blizzard, character: other canon character, character: rohirrim
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