kelllie (kelllie) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Another for the Fire Challenge

Title: As Fire, Kindled by Fire
Author: Kelllie
Character: Young Eowyn (through Theoden's eyes)
Word Count: 100
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, not mine. No harm meant, no profit gained.
Author's Note: An uncle's wish for his young niece...

As Fire, Kindled by Fire

The Terror of Edoras, we call you – all dirt-smudged face and knees. You best your brother in swordplay then ride into the crimson morn, hair glinting like spun silk.

My sister’s fire glimmers within you. A mere spark – yet someday it will blaze into flame. Will it strengthen you? Fire is the test of gold – and purest gold lies in your soul. Or, unchecked, will it consume you?

Or -- as fire, kindled by fire, will it lead you to heights never dreamed? To power, strength... and perhaps to a gentle wielder of flame who will kindle your spirit forever...
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