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We Are Such Stuff... Movie Tie-Ins Challenge: "Everything Is Illuminated"

Title: We Are Such Stuff...
Author: Wormwood_7
Characters: Faramir, Eowyn
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien. I make no money from this.
For the Movie Tie-Ins Challenge

We Are Such Stuff...

Her hair fell through the roof-light towards his hand...stretched along a moonbeam.
He hadn't expected to find her here, in the library at night.

He first put his face to her hair as ash-rain fell over Minas-Tirith - and got it covered in smudges. She laughed then...despite herself.
Afterwards they stood silently beside each other in the dusty air; he watched the twilight fall like a blue cloak around her shoulders.

The ash-rain eventually ceased and settled...as will my memories, Faramir thought.
But as he closed his eyes and leaned into the moonbeam, for a fragile second, all was illuminated.
Tags: author: wormwood_7, challenge: movies 2010: illuminated, character: eowyn, character: faramir
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