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Everything Is Illuminated: Leaves With Gold They Drew

Title: Leaves With Gold They Drew
Author: Azalaisdep
Characters: Frodo, Bilbo
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien and his heirs: I wander there for fun, not profit

Leaves With Gold They Drew

Tentative despite Bilbo's earlier assurances, Frodo pushes at the great oak door of Rivendell's library.

"There you are!" his kinsman greets him cheerily. "Climb up here - Elrond's folk crafted me these high stools specially - and take a look at this."

Propped on a carved stand before him is a huge volume bound in ageing calfskin.  At Bilbo's nod, his nephew  reaches with infinite care to turn the stiffening leaves of vellum, and gasps. Blues, reds, golds, mithril-silver; twining fronds, tiny birds and animals, an exquisite capital heading every page of elegantly flowing tengwar. Frodo murmurs in wonder:

"Everything is illuminated!"


Edit: following the discussion in the comments, I had a rootle around online for some potential illustrations for this piece.  Of course most medieval illumination features religious themes, which don't fit; but if you mentally remove the main illustration from each of them and focus on what's going on in the borders, then I think this and this begin to suggest the sort of thing I had in mind; albeit Elven work would be even finer and more detailed.  If anyone else can suggest any appropriate online images - Books of Hours featuring nature/the seasons would be ideal - then please do!
Tags: author: azalaisdep, challenge: movies 2010: illuminated, character: bilbo, character: frodo
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