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"Stealing Beauty" Drabble Trio: Faramir, Boromir, Théodred

Title: "Stealing Beauty" Trio
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Faramir, Boromir, Théodred
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
Author's Note: A drabble trio in honor of kortirion. Happy birthday! Sorry I couldn't come up with anything more creative in terms of a title.

The Sun in Splendor

They were so dazzling Faramir could hardly bear to look. The golden Prince of Rohan, the shining Heir of Gondor, both being presented in their eighteenth year, with due pomp and ceremony, to the Council and people of Minas Tirith. Their hope, their future.

I will never be like them, Faramir thought. I am gawky, graceless, unskilled. They are like the sun in splendor; I am dun-colored as earth and rock and water below.

Yet when Boromir caught his brother's eye he winked, and Théodred's smile was honest and generous.

For a moment Faramir felt his heart lift.

Too Beautiful

"Will Faramir be training with us?"

"Only if he's forced. He lacks as yet a warrior's soul; his breathes books and music."

"Does it?" Théodred glanced across the garden to where Faramir sat alone. "My grandmother used to sing me a song about wandering star-voyagers*, but I only remember bits. I wonder if Faramir knows it?"

Boromir laughed; Faramir peered towards them suspiciously. "I doubt there's a poem he doesn't know. Perhaps you can two can steal away to the Library and drown yourselves in vellum and leather. Those ancient tomes are too beautiful for me to even dare touch."

Strength of a Different Kind

In the silence after Faramir finished his song, Boromir stole a glance at Théodred. The Prince sat, head bowed, tears streaming down his cheeks; then he reached forward to embrace Faramir.

"Your music has great power, my friend. Don't ever let anyone steal this from you, or belittle your gift; our world has need of poets and bards no less than warriors. Your strength is of a different kind.

"Let your brawny brother be famed for his sword - " laughing as Boromir made an outraged face - "but you will be long remembered for your other gifts as well."

*"Song of the Noldo by Elen Kortirion.
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: movies2010: stealing beauty, character: boromir, character: faramir, character: theodred
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