Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Red Wine
Author Kortirion
Word count:100
Adult: none
Disclaimer: I play with the intellectual property of JRRT, but I always put them back in the box afterwards.
Notes: Sorry. Re-worked from a previously posted drabble - because I do like to take part. Hopefully, a new piece will follow when, and if, I have time.

It is not yet spring here. I watch leafless trees overlay the night sky with dark filigree. Caught among them, stars shine; diamonds on velvet. Earlier, the sun painted the sky with lurid reds and violet, but now the west has darkened to sombre shades of greening blue.

I raise my glass to toast the appearing stars and drink to one who is far away. Blood-red wine slips past my lips, and I well remember how you loved this vintage. Three drops fall on my chest, becoming momentary bloody wounds. I push away my prescient thoughts. It cannot be you.
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