Baranduin (baranduin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Fic: Red

Fic: Red
Author: Baranduin
Rating: PG
Characters: Frodo
Disclaimer: Don't own them or make any money from them.
Book: LOTR
A/N: For the "Red" challenge.


Bright red--the purity of sweet cherry pie, its thick juices sticky in the corners of Frodo’s mouth as he makes a hobbity pig of himself whenever he gets the opportunity.

Bright red--there, in the flickering hot orange glow of the Sammath Naur when he stands on the brink and looks down into the burning river that sings to him even after he closes his eyes and still sees it through the red veil of his eyelids.

Bright red--the pulse and flow of his blood from the remains of his finger, jagged bone covered with his living self.

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