wormwood_7 (wormwood_7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Hospitality - " Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World"

Title: Hospitality
Author: wormwood_7
Character: Miraculously alive wandering Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien. I make no money from this.


The mussel-gatherers have invited him to share their meal by the sea.
They don’t know who he is. He is just a road-stained traveller worthy of their common hospitality, the biggest honour they could have given him.

As he adds his laughs and stories and empty mussel-shells to theirs, he feels an echo of one he once was; often the centre of the room...and the loudest.

The army-commander is now the bones he sometimes sees washed up on a far shore...in the moments before he wakes.

The living man knows it’s time to return; to his brother...his king...and his City.

Tags: author: wormwood_7, challenge: movies2010:master, character: boromir
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