lady_branwyn (lady_branwyn) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Nominations Open for 2010 MEFAs

The 2010 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards have officially begun. We are accepting nominations from now until June 15, and would love to include your favorite stories, poems, essays, and other fanfic.

For an overview of what pieces are eligible and which aren't, as well as a run-down of some important changes to the 2010 awards, see

MEFA LJ Community

If you would like to nominate stories, you will need to join the Yahoo group MEFAwards.

Anyone who joins that group will be able to nominate up to twenty pieces of Tolkien fanfic, either their own or someone else's. Nominated authors will be able to vote in the awards but need to join the MEFAwards group in order to nominate stories.

Thanks in advance for your participation and interest! If you have questions, please email me: mefasupport-at-gmail-dot-com.

Marta (MEFA Admin.)
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