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World's End (Aragorn/Boromir)

Title: World's End
Author: [personal profile] mrkinch
Characters: Turin, Morgoth, Aragorn, Boromir
Work: The Silmarillion in all its versions
Warnings: Character death, at last!
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, with immense liberties taken
Note: for "at world's end"

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Morgoth Bauglir had fallen to Gurthang, the terrible black blade, and so the final battle was won. As Turin, avenged at last, stood victorious over the hideous creature there appeared about him Elves and Men, ancient foes of the vanquished Dark Lord, released from Mandos to share the triumph.

Thus on a battle plain long-prophesied, amidst the loss and ecstasy of the end of Arda Marred, two heroes of the Third Age fulfilled their fate. King and Steward' son met in wonder and embraced with joy. The radiance of the rekindled lights enveloped them and they were seen no more.
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