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Rosy Waking (rated PG, Pippin)

It occured to me that red is a color of life as well as death.

Author: rubynye
Title: Rosy Waking
Rating: PG
Character: Pippin
Disclaimer: This is a brief, benign avocational fiction written for praise, not profit.

Everything considered, Pippin was quite surprised to wake.

For an unmeasured time he'd drifted in darkness; once, distant and underwater, he heard Boromir's warm voice. But pain threaded through the quiet till agony enwrapped him, and he wished for nothing but for it to end. Friendly voices beckoned at the edge of understanding, cool hands soothed the aching till it could be borne, and Pippin realized he lay awake, sunlight glowing rosy through his eyelids.

They were too heavy to lift, and sleep already called, but as Pippin dozed, he looked at the ruddy brightness behind his eyelids and smiled.
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