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Mealtimes challenge - Elevenses - 'Size Does Matter' : Kortirion

Title: Size Does Matter
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Pippin and Merry
Rating: G
Source: At Rivendell, movie!verse
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the world, PJ created the visual – Kortirion created this double drabble – apologies, but if you knew how much trimming it took to get it this short…!

Pip’s growing fascination with boots was becoming... unnatural – Sam was harsher, he said it was perverse! And yet... Merry eyed the supple, suede boots of a passing elf, wondering what his toes looked like... ‘Now just stop that Meriadoc Brandybuck!’ He shook his head.

Mid-morning, Merry found Pip by some steps, watching the passing feet.

“Did you see the size of those? And that was a dwarf!”

The large, heavy, brass-studded, buckled boots walked on. Pippin gave a soft whistle of appreciation.

“Behave!” hissed Merry.

“But Merry, aren’t they magnificent – do you think he has hairy toes?”


Merry lured him away with talk of a large fruit-bowl, just waiting to be raided – after all, it was at least two hours since breakfast.

They sat outside, contentedly devouring their loot.

“Remember in Bree?” Pippin munched an apple, “Strider’s boots... muddy maybe, but the length of those soles... what size do you reckon?”

“Nines... maybe tens...”

“See! You did look!”

A rider clattering in stopped further squabbles. Richly dressed, though travel-stained, he leapt from his horse, landing with a thud. Pip’s jaw dropped as the man strode by... in huge... black... leather... boots...

“Wooooooah!" Gasped Pip, "Now those must be elevenses!”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: mealtimes: elevenses, character: merry, character: pippin
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