blslarner (blslarner) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the "Supper" challenge!

Title: The Invitation--at Last!
Author: Larner
Characters: Otho, Lobelia, Lotho
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Hobbit, LOTR
Disclaimer: Not mine at all, and not even an umbrella or spoon in return! Sniff!

The Invitation—at LAST!

Otho sniffed, “We’ve received our invitation to Bilbo’s party. And we are to be included in the family supper.”

“Well, of course!” said Lobelia sharply. “You are his proper heir, after all!”

“We had to have been the last in the region of the Hill to receive ours,” Lotho noted. “Angelica Baggins told me her family got theirs last week. Why, even Old Noakes has been speaking of little else but of how glad he was to receive his for almost a fortnight!”

Lobelia straightened. “He has given us the place of honor!”

Place of honor, or ignominy? thought Otho.
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