Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the "Grandparents" challenge: "Diplomacy", Aragorn

Title: "Diplomacy"
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Aragorn and others
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
For the "Grandparents" challenge. Brutally hacked down Adapted from my own ficlet,


"He has a Hurinionath nose!" Aragorn sputtered in shock. No mistake: Denethor's nose, the nose that had always looked down on him with such contempt. But it was also Boromir's nose, and Faramir's. Who could have ever imagined Aragorn's daughter wedding Faramir's son?

The newborn stirred, twitched his tiny nose, and sneezed. Aragorn laughed.

"A distinguished nose, a nose of history and nobility. We're honored to have that nose in our family."

Ellë cried, "Oh, Ada!" throwing herself into his arms. He winked over Ellë's shoulder; the Queen rolled her eyes. Éowyn choked on her tea, trying not to laugh.
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: family ties: grandparents, character: aragorn
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