girl talk (22by7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
girl talk

Challenge response for 'Blue'

Title: Blue
Author: 22by7
Characters/Pairing: you'll see I know it's just 100 words, but...
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns. I play. Profit? -- what's that?

I found her standing on the city wall, facing northward. It was a grey morning, heavy and pale, and my lady seemed to shiver.

My gift she accepted with grace, if without word or smile. So finely wrought, a mantle of deep warm blue: a shade the skies of Gondor had not known for some years. Fair she looked, as I had known she would, and the stars gleamed about her throat in the dim light.

I thought of the child that was coming, and took the hand of Finduilas in my own. Yet my joy was mingled with disquiet.

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