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Trees Challenge



Once upon a time there was a challenge …


I’ve fallen well behind in this, but have finally got around to finishing  the drabble challenge series. This is written for the Tolkien Weekly Trees challenge.  

Title: A Journey Through Trees
Author: Jay of Lasgalen
Book: LOTR
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s, not mine.

Summary: Aragorn and the hobbits travel towards Imladris, while Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel search for them.

(The title for this series is inspired by the book by Roger Deakin)


Part Six: ‘The Lightning Tree’, written for the White Tree challenge. Boromir travels North in search of the answer to a dream.



The Lightning Tree



Boromir trudged on, weary now; still seeking the fabled land of Imladris. All he knew was that it lay somewhere far in the north.


But where


A sign. That was all he needed, a sign that he was on the right road, not lost in this trackless wilderness. A sign that he would succeed.


And suddenly, there it was. A lightning-struck tree, stark and solitary; bleached by sun. A White Tree jewelled with raindrops from an autumn storm.


It was the sign he sought. He would find Imladris. He would succeed in his quest, and Minas Tirith would not fall. 




Part Seven: ‘Better Together’, written for the Pine challenge. Elladan considers his options.



Better Together



A line of dark pines crowned the skyline, the jagged outline blending with the distant peaks. Elladan climbed to the ridge and surveyed the vast, empty land spread before him. 


He shivered, feeling the solitude and a certain loneliness. Glorfindel often joked that he and Elrohir would pine if away from each other for too long. It was nonsense of course, but it was undoubtedly true that they worked better together.


He turned again, facing north. He had found nothing but the trail of a lone traveller, and it was time to return home, rejoin Elrohir, and continue their search. 



Part Eight:  ‘The Traveller’, written for the Holly challenge.   Elladan returns to Imladris.



The Traveller



As Elladan returned to the north, he passed through Hollin and came across the path of the traveller again. A wisp of smoke and flicker of firelight revealed him sleeping in the shelter of an ancient holly tree.


Elladan paused, watching silently; but the man posed no threat, and it was clear that he had not encountered the Nazgûl on his travels. If he had, he would not be resting so peacefully now.    Whoever he was, whatever his journey, it was of no consequence, and no concern.


Leaving the stranger to his dreams, Elladan rode for the borders of Imladris.


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