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Family ties - Children - ' Star-longing' : Kortirion

Title: Star-longing
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Child-Elrond and Eärendil
Rating: G
Source: Second Age
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s imaginarium – all who dwell there are his.

Midnight. The waters dipped and rose in the perpetual dance of wind and tide. On such a night, each wave-tip glimmered under Ithil... so many scattered, twinkling stars on the water.

Elrond stirred in his father’s lap, enchanted by the view from the cliff-top. From here, the stars above reached to the horizon, and the star-flecked sea seemingly reached to their feet - no breakers flared white over beaches, the pair simply drifted on a springy heather nest into salt-tanged darkness.

“Adar... are the lights in the water the children of the stars?”

“No...” said Eärendil, “...but we could be.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: family ties: children, character: elrond, character: other canon character
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