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Family ties - Descendants - ' A Matter of Terminology' : Kortirion

Title: A Matter of Terminology
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Hobbits, Aragorn and Gandalf
Rating: G –ish for doubtful humour
Source: In Rivendell
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the vast expanse of Middle-earth, but he overlooked this bit.

Merry sniggered, until Frodo’s elbow caught his ribs, Sam reddened, while Pip sat, mouth agape – it wasn’t exactly the reaction Aragorn usually got when he mentioned who he was descended from. He decided to ask Gandalf, and found him in Rivendell’s library. The wizard listened... before coughing on his pipe-weed.

“It’s that term,” Gandalf explained, “Hobbits think of themselves as having fore-bearers, not being descendants. In fact... ‘descendant’ has... um... a rather different popular connotation. Descendants go down...?

Aragorn looked puzzled

“Really... down on!” He waved his pipe lower.


“Just so – you’ve been telling them you’re an elf-lord’s catamite!”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: family ties: descendants, character: aragorn, character: gandalf, character: hobbits
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