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Before the Fall by Leianora

title: Before the Fall

Author: leianora

Rating: G.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to the Tolkien estate and Newline Cinema

Characters: Gandalf, Saruman

Summary: for the Seven Deadly Sins challenge. Pride.

He knows that Olórin is right. He knows that he should accept the hand of the only one who can help him now, but he cannot bring himself to do so. Not before all these men!

“Will you not come up?” he asks. He is shocked by the desperation he hears in his voice.

When the other wizard refuses, he feels the hot flush of rage consume him. His anger deepens when the old grey fool has the nerve to laugh at him. Soon, Olórin will regret his decision to publicly humiliate him like this. They all will, he promises himself.
Tags: author: leianora, challenge: 7sins2:pride, character: other canon character
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