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Deadly Sins challenge - Pride - The Warrior's Mantra' : Kortirion

Title: The Warrior’s Mantra
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir
Rating: G
Source: FotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien created Middle-earth and all who dwell there.

‘Breathe and control’ ...all those practise bouts – first with Amah, then the masters-at-arms... He’d developed a prowess he was rightfully proud of.

Then he joined the fighting men... and learned that luck counted as much as skill. Luck that your opponent mis-calculated the killing-blow, luck that you fought one or two, not three or more at once... ‘Breathe and control...’

But... You can’t control archers beyond your reach, or relentless enemies in overwhelming numbers...

Breathing ragged, sword-arm quivering with exhaustion... and still they came.

‘They’ve taken the little ones!’

Pride fell away... All that remained... was the struggle to brea......
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: 7sins2:pride, character: boromir
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