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Deadly Sins challenge - Pride - Naming Names : Kortirion

Title: Naming Names
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Noldor and Teleri
Rating: G
Source: First Age
Disclaimer: Tolkien gave form to Middle-earth, Kortirion just explores the margins.

They took their ease among the trees, taking time to replenish quivers and repair gear. It wasn’t long before someone sang, someone fetched water, and others started a camp-fire and found green herbs to sweeten the pot of travelling-rations. Over fletching and patching while the ragout simmered, a word game of naming began.

“An Exaltation...”

“But what of nightingales...?”

Several warriors with golden plaits strode by, looking neither right nor left, oblivious to the seated, dark-haired elves...

“And what would you name them...?” asked a voice

“Why – ‘a Pride of Noldor’ what else!”

The Teleri laughed ...but it tasted bitter.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: 7sins2:pride, character: elves
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