aeneid some luvvin' (adraefan) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
aeneid some luvvin'

Fic: "Anduin Ice", for the Blue challenge

Title: Anduin Ice
Author: Aeneid (adraefan)
Characters: Faramir, Boromir.
Ratings: G.
Source: Bookverse, FOTR.
Disclaimer: Please send money to... Tolkien, of course.
Notes: For the Blue challenge.

Blue like the water that flows over him, freezing, as he crawls out of the Anduin. His body convulses with the cold, and he looks down at his bare hands: icy, matching the clear water as it rushes over the digits, bloating fat. He takes a moment to look north, shivering, and he sees a black shape. There is that shriek again. And here, thinking himself alone, he lets out a howl of fear – a miserable, raging sound of despair.


For all he knows, the eastern bank has fallen, Osgiliath too - but, hearing that cherished voice, he turns.
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