Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Six Years Later challenge - 'The Swordsman' : Kortirion

Title: ‘The Swordsman’
Author: Kortirion
Character: Faramir
Rating: G
Source: Six years after the Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the world of Middle-earth in parallel…

Midnight, the rain had ceased. Faramir returned from the messengers’ stables; dispatches needed taking at first light, and the short walk alone in the pleasantly chill night-air...

He paused, sniffed, surrounded suddenly by the smell of apples. Looking up, he realised he was under the kitchen garden’s well-laden trees. Faramir smiled – beyond leaves and ripening apples were the stars... He gazed upwards, tracing the crisply brilliant patterns... until he found Menelvagor...

Six years since... who’d have thought the skies would ever again be this clear?

He touched his forehead... with no grave for Boromir... the stars made a fitting memorial.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: six years later, character: faramir
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