Azalais (azalaisdep) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Potter's Wheel challenge, Throw - Deadly Accuracy

Author: Azalaisdep
Title: Deadly Accuracy
Characters: Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn
Source: LoTR
Rating: PG for orc-squishing
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien and his heirs: I wander there for fun, not profit

Deadly Accuracy

Scrabbling like cockroaches, black waves of orcs attempt to gain the Hornburg’s outer wall. Bow singing, Legolas mentally counts down his quiver;  three… two… Beside him Gimli’s axe greets a snarling assailant,  toppling him forward across the wall.

As his last arrow flies, Legolas sees Aragorn weaving along the battlements towards them – and behind him a great Uruk clambering on to the parapet. Without time to shout he whips round, snatches a black blade from the belt of Gimli’s slumped victim, hurls it –

Aragorn looks from the Uruk, sprawled with the knife between his eyes, to the Elf.

“Nice throw.”
Tags: author: azalaisdep, challenge: potter's wheel - throw, character: aragorn, character: legolas
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