RennWench (rennwench) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

What a Prince Wants

Title: What A Prince Wants.
Author: RennWench
Characters/Pairing: Thranduil
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Book/Source: Other. He had to be little once, right?
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just fiddle around the fjords. Inspired by my breakfast this morning. For the Throw challenge. Long time lurker. :)

No. Do not want! He wanted those round colorful things the bigs were having. Give! The stuff remained. Pet. Squish. Eew! No!

Another stare at the yummies bigs have on their plates. Want! Give! Hungry! Stuck. Can’t reach! Want!

No. Enough. He was a Prince and Princes didn’t eat this…mush.

Chubby fingers clutched around a portion of the semi-gelatinous mass. Fling! Plop. Laugh!

The big elf dressed in white, calmly removed the glob with an experienced hand. “Your aim will serve you well one day, Prince Thranduil. But, perhaps you should save it for orcs instead of your oatmeal.”
Tags: author: rennwench, challenge: potter's wheel - throw, character: thranduil
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