Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

'The Potter's Wheel or thereabouts' challenge - Slip - 'Sweet As Honey'

Title: Sweet as Honey
Author: Kortirion
Character: Frodo, Bilbo
Source: FotR
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien created Middle-earth and all who dwell there.

Frodo knew that feeling now.

Once, he’d come upon Uncle Bilbo unexpectedly, seen him hastily slip something into his pocket. His uncle’s abrupt manner had made him too nervous to ask… but he’d watched… seen Bilbo’s face light up as he crooned to the little thing in his palm…

“Keep you hidden, keep you safe – yes, we shall…”

Then Bilbo would glance around, before putting it back, patting his pocket, all smiles.

The golden voice, honey-sweet, tremulous… slipped into Frodo’s thoughts…

Keep me hidden, keep me safe from… THEM…

Frodo’s hand cradled the warm metal on its chain.

Thank you… master…
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: potter's wheel - slip, character: bilbo, character: frodo
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