aeneid some luvvin' (adraefan) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
aeneid some luvvin'

"Emyn Arnen" - for the Green challenge

Title: Emyn Arnen
Author: Aeneid (adraefan)
Characters: Faramir, Elboron
Ratings: G
Source: Fourth Age speculation, bookverse.
Disclaimer: All Tolkien, not mine.
Notes: For the Green challenge.

Stepping out onto the portico, into a world of green. He remembers in a vague sort of way when all this was muddy, trampled, overgrown. And he sees his son darting from tree to tree, further down the neatly-trimmed lawn. Raising his eyes, distant mountains loom silent and subdued in the hazy air.

Over the drone of summer insects, he hears giggling.

“Elboron?” he calls.

Another flick-flick of movement. The son of a ranger, indeed.

He pretends to study a passing cloud as he takes his tea. The bushes beside him rustle.

And then, the high-pitched attack:

Ai! Ai! Ai!
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