Azalais (azalaisdep) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The Potter's Wheel challenge, Coil: Flashback: Before the Black Gate, Third Age 3019

Author: Azalaisdep
Title: Flashback: Before the Black Gate, Third Age 3019
Characters: Legolas
Source: RoTK and Unfinished Tales
Rating: PG
Warning: hint of potential character death
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien and his heirs: I wander there for fun, not profit

Author's note: this drabble turned out to be the companion piece to this one...

Flashback: Before the Black Gate, Third Age 3019

Standing near the ash-hill’s summit to shoot clear over the Armies of the West, gazing toward the Black Gate, Legolas feels the tendrils of the past reaching out, beginning to twine and coil about him:

This is the place. Here Grandfather, Father, Greenwood’s army stood; here so many fell, far from leaf or grass or any living thing save the foul spawn of Mordor…

Deep breath; arrow to the string. Below him he glimpses the Dwarf’s solid bulk among the tall Gondorrim. Which of us will score the higher count today? But neither, he suspects, will live to claim it.
Tags: author: azalaisdep, challenge: potter's wheel - coil, character: legolas
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