Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Conversation in Lorien - 'Green' challenge

Title: Conversation in Lorien
Author: Kortirion
Word count: 100
Characters: Pippin, …and the long-suffering Haldir.
Disclaimer: As long as the good professor never has to read it … I’ll be all right!
Note: The mods must have read my mind as to which colour I wanted next! ;P

Pippin exhaled an unfeasibly long stream of grey-blue smoke contentedly, leaning against the mallorn-tree beside Merry.
“You know Merry – Elves are very, very good at camouflage.”
“Yes Pip.”
“Mmmm – they can even turn green.”
“No they can’t! They just move really….” Merry snaked his hand in the air leaving a smoke-trail from his pipe.
“No. They actually do turn green – I saw him!”
“Haldir – I got him to try a little pipe-weed. I said to get the full effect he had to take a really big lungful…”
“You didn’t…? And…?”
“He turned green and vanished into the bushes!”
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