blslarner (blslarner) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Potters Wheel--Ghost challenge

Title: Ghost
Author: Larner
Characters: Pippin, Hobbits
Rating: G
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Pippin and Hobbits are of Tolkien; his lopsided pot is his own, and the drabble mine, but nothing more.


The Thain of the Shire leaned down to accept a kiss from one of his great nieces. “Here, Uncle Pippin—I made it myself!”

“Did you really?” he asked, carefully undoing the wrinkled bow and smudged wrappings, then more wrappings besides.

It was a bowl, inexpertly crafted and rather lopsided. “Oh!” he murmured, admiringly. “I shall keep a coil of string in it for when I need it!”

And he felt the ghost of his beloved great aunt, a Hobbitess now long dead, press a kiss to his cheek. “Did anyone teach you how to coil clay?” he asked.

I've written a few more to this series, and am posting them at SoA and elsewhere on a weekly interval. This one will be added last.
Tags: author: larner, challenge: potter's wheel - ghost, character: pippin
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