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Gifts challenge - Gold Silver and Jewels - 'Lost' : Kortirion

Title: Lost
Author: Kortirion
Characteer: Denethor
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien made him that way… and all of Middle-earth.


Her name… begun with a sigh, then, pursed lips for kisses, before a final escape of breath…

Those were his golden days, gifted to him by her smiles. He would have paved Minas Tirith with silver had she merely hinted she desired it. He prized her above rubies, above sapphires… that dimmed in comparison to her eyes.

She’d gifted him with jewels – her sons. The first – born of sweat and pain, even the summer skies wept diamonds at his birth. The second – came slow and hard in winter’s darkness.

And when his golden lady faded… the whole world tarnished.

Notes: After a discussion about the Steward’s family being Fire signs, fileg cast natal charts for them. Boromir is the poster-boy for Leo – his birthday came out as 14th August, about 2am as the annual Perseid meteors shower above. Faramir’s birthday is the 17th December… Denethor is mid-morning of the 6th April, btw

Further to this: my story ‘The Sky Wept Diamonds’ is here - http://henneth-annun.net/stories/chapter.cfm?stid=4177
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: gifts: shiny gifts, character: denethor
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