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Clodia Metelli

Gifts Challenge, A Merry Heart - The Heritability of Humour

Title: The Heritability of Humour
Author: clodia_metelli
Characters: Glorfindel, Aredhel, Celebrían.
Rating: K+
Book/Source: Silmarillion.
Disclaimer: I am not J.R.R. Tolkien and I make nothing from this but my own entertainment.

The Heritability of Humour

Aredhel’s hair had been dark, of course. She had been very fair, though, and the grey of her eyes had been almost blue in the clear, cool light of a mountain morning. Amid the dawn-silvered towers and snow-white streets, the echoes of Aredhel Ar-Feiniel’s laughter had trailed in ribbons of unfurling sound, her feet light on the blossoms shed by lantern-hung trees.

She had given her lightness to her cousin’s blue-eyed daughter. Glorfindel had never heard Galadriel laugh.


“Did you ever meet my father, before?” said Celebrían merrily. “My mother still says she fell in love with his smile.”
Tags: author: clodia_metelli, challenge: gifts: merry heart, character: celebrian, character: other canon character
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