blslarner (blslarner) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Perfect Gifts--Wisdom challenge: Well Named

Title: Well Named
Author: Larner
Characters: Bilbo, Frodo, Hobbits
Rating: G
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: The Master gave us the characters; I present the drabble.

Well Named

Bilbo watched his young first and second cousin, once removed each way, as he sat amidst his pile of Yule presents in the center of the first sunroom, in the midst of Hall faunts who were also expected to open their presents unhelped. “A silly tradition,” he sighed, watching as one of the older faunts grabbed packages from Frodo’s pile.

But Frodo was watching, also.

The package he finally opened held ribbons of taffy. Was he offering some to the larger child?

But as the other was seeking to unstick his teeth, Frodo was retrieving his own gifts.

“Wise child!”
Tags: author: larner, challenge: gifts: wisdom, character: bilbo, character: frodo
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