aeneid some luvvin' (adraefan) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
aeneid some luvvin'

"Sunny Osgiliath" - for the Green challenge

Title: Sunny Osgiliath
Author: Aeneid (adraefan)
Characters: Boromir, a page, a soldier
Ratings: PG-13
Source: FOTR, bookverse
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, not mine.
Notes: For the Green challenge. I seem to be stuck east of the Anduin these days.

The Captain stares at the page’s face. Lying amidst Osgiliath rubble, the boy is twisted and bent sideways; unnatural.

The runners brought the news: They reached the boys of the luggage before we could drive them back, Captain. Looking down: the edges of the boy’s mouth are tinged green. The Captain stares at the pale lips, parted in shock; the green corners; the glassy eyes. It is a sunny day, and he sees the breeze shift the boy’s blond hair.

He does not hear the footsteps over his strangled sobs.

“Lord Boromir? Is all well? Captain? Come, you are weary.”
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