wormwood_7 (wormwood_7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Trust - "A Bright Future" Challenge

Author: wormwood_7
Characters: Eowyn, Faramir. Eowyn's POV
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien.


We were pulled ashore you and I...and told to live.
A big place, the future... I wasn’t at all sure I belonged there, but when someone has fought to save you, you owe them to stay...at least for a while.

Mine was a hueless world; muted...dead to my touch, but the texture of your sorrow brought a tingle to my fingertips.
You were different to other men; wiser, stronger...frailer.

Ours became a quietly relentless intimacy...like salt diffusing in water.
And the future a place where I dared stretch my hand out, and perhaps watch moonlight fall into my cupped palm.
Tags: author: wormwood_7, challenge: gifts: bright future, character: eowyn, character: faramir
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