martal0712 (martal0712) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

"Journey From the Crossroads" (for the "Green" challenge)

Title:Journey from the Crossroads
Author: Marta
Characters/Pairing: Smeagol, Gollum
Rating: PG
Warnings: general spookiness
Book/Source: LotR (TTT)
Disclaimer: The characters and locations of Middle-earth are of course Tolkien's. I'm just happy to be playing in such a fun sandbox.

Journey from the Crossroads

North? To the marshes, murky brown with evil eyes, gollum, green shining through , of elves, and men, and orcses, dead long ago.

Not that way! We'll never go back!

Or South! South, we says. Oh, yes, makes us *the* Gollum – fresh fish, every day! Green scales, glistening like emeralds in the sun...

But the sun burnses. And the Master says take us to Mordor, and we goes...

Only one way then! The third way...

To the Evil City with the green lights and orcses everywhere?

Not far that way, love... to Her. We stay away from evil lights!

Yes... to Her.


[This is my first post to this community, and I hope I did everything right. Thanks for the great challenge! -Marta]
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