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Omnivorous; gen, PG for ick

When I saw "Gluttony", there was only one character I thought of.

Author: rubynye
Title: Omnivorous
Character: Her Ladyship, of course
Rating: PG for vaguely limned ick
Warnings: slight misuse of title word. Yes, I know what it actually means.
Disclaimer: Not my world, characters, or money.

They all taste so good.

Elves were the first food of hatchling days; they wail to the stars, are bony but sweet. Men are loud and meaty, and were more plentiful before He took their city. A few dwarves, even, were had in past days, hairy and tough but flavorful. Orcs are sour and rank, but their corruption tempts the appetite, and they are better than starving, anything is better than starving. And now, the skinny one has brought these tender morsels, led them unaware and helpless on paths of no returning. Oh, they are going to taste so good.
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