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Two Green Gamgee Drabbles

All this green, and no talk of Sam?

Author: rubynye
Title: Green Thumb
Rating: G
Characters: Gaffer Gamgee and his three sons
Disclaimer: This is a brief, affectionate avocational fiction.

Gaffer Gamgee had thought to leave Bag End's gardening to his eldest son, and find the second a place in Hobbiton or else in Tighfield, as it pleased the Master. But Ham was ever tangling and twining and finger-weaving little oddments, while Hal was dutiful enough but as like to mash a bulb in his hands as hold it. And then came Samwise, little Sam, who murmured to the plants as he tended them with gentle chubby fingers, shining smiles on them and all but watering with tears, and the Gaffer knew which son would take over his place.

I saw the first line for this on firstlines_1000 and got 100 words out of it, at least. Also inspired by shire_kitchen's Recipe Fic challenge.

Author: rubynye
Title: Fresh Green
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, greenness, Frodo; Pippin cameos
Disclaimer: This is a brief, affectionate avocational fiction.

Everything Sam tastes is green. The scent of Ithilien, a thousand mingled herbs and flowers spiced with fresh pine, curls in his mouth. For so long everything tasted of ash and death, and at the end fire; now he soaks in, breathes in, savors greenness and growth and joy.

So as soon as he might, despite the healers' concerned frowns, Sam gets himself a salad, fresh greens and sprouts and herb flowers sprinkled over. Pippin exclaims, "why, you could swim in cream for the asking, and you want greens?" but Frodo smiles, accepts a fork, and settles in beside him.
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