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A New Home (Treebeard)

Author: mrkinch
Title: A New Home
Characters: Treebeard
Rating: Gen
Note: After the Great Battle the survivors have to start over. Even later than just_ann_now for the 'rivers' challenge.

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When the lands had settled into their new shape, the Ents that remained marched out of Lindon to gather on the banks of Baranduin. There Greytop and Longbough, young and hasty, came with news from their travels in the new land, and the Ents turned gladly from grief and loss in Beleriand to choosing where each would take up their work again. Some stayed in Eriador, some crossed to the great greenwood over the mountains, some made the vast forests of the coast their care. But many thousand strides took Treebeard east of the mountains' foot and there he stayed.

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