Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Ash
Author: Annmarwalk
Character: Denethor
Warnings: Angst!
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed for 100 words
Author's Note: For the "Black" challenge. Originally posted at Stories of Arda, this was one of my very earliest drabble efforts.


A handsome man, kingly, with hair dark as sable. It is so soft, she whispered, his golden-haired bride. He would bury his face in her hair, breathing deeply of lemon, rosemary, jasmine.

The bright beacons of hope are long burned out, and now, with hair grey as ash, he watches. The black granite of the mountain reflects the red-gold of the flames, a world full of fire, and ash, and dust, as the city burns.

Forgive me, my lady. I could not keep our sons from harm. All would soon be ended, ash and smoke blown away on the wind.
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