Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

'Black' challenge

Title: Pride Comes Before a Fall.
Author: Kortirion
Word Count:100
Characters: Haldir and Pippin
Source: AU!Lorien
Disclaimer: A little bit of Implacida, several bits of Kortirion – and a whole load of Tolkien. Without whom… etc etc

Celeborn stormed past startled attendants, his face black as thunder.
‘…Expected such from Rumil – or Orophin maybe. - Little Perian’s… nether region’s – black and blue! Mind – the Dwarf had laughed, ‘where there’s no sense there’s no feeling’. But still… must be dealt with!’

Reaching his private study, he made an effort to compose himself before far-speaking his Marchwarden.


Celeborn’s stern presence echoed in Haldir’s head.


*You allowed him to climb the Black Elms? You know how slippery they are!*


*Haldir! - He’s bruised black and can barely walk! – Someone must carry him on the stair.*


*Yes! You!*

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