Adonnen Estenniel (alphien) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Adonnen Estenniel

"The Truth" - Part Challenge

Title: The Truth
Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien)
Characters/Pairing: Elanor Gamgee, Rose Gamgee
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: Setting, characters, and genius belong to the Tolkien Estate. I make no money from this.

The newly-married couple sat in quiet contentment before the fire as Fastred ran a comb through his wife’s hair. Elanor leaned back, delighting in the feel of his rough fingers against her scalp.

“Fastred,” she said, “do you think I’m pretty?”

He paused in parting the thick waves of her cornsilk curls. “No.”

She nodded, having thought as much. Even so, the admission hurt more than she had expected, and she couldn’t fight the ache in her breast.

“I don’t think you’re pretty, lass,” he said. “I think you’re beautiful, and I’m a fool for never telling you so before.”
Tags: author: alphien, challenge: hairdressing: parting, character: hobbits, character: rosie
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