blslarner (blslarner) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Hairdressing Challenge--Parting

Title: A Parting Commanded
Author: Larner
Characters: Saruman, Frodo
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slightly creepy?
Book: Appendices of LOTR
Disclaimer: The Master gave us world and characters; I present the drabble.

A Parting Commanded

He glared at the creature that looked at him with equal measures of pity and some emotion Saruman could not name. This weak, pathetic soul sought to command him—ordered him to depart from the Shire and forbade the rest to slay him? What made this ratling, the much-vaunted Ringbearer, think he had the authority to order anyone?

He wished he might blast the impudent Hobbit with the power of his staff, let that put a new parting in this Frodo’s hair! That ambition forestalled, he instead unleashed the remnants of his voice. At least his words still stung!
Tags: author: larner, challenge: hairdressing: parting, character: frodo, character: saruman
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