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Hairdressing challenge - parting - 'Many Partings' : Kortirion

Title: Many Partings, a drabble pair
Author: Kortirion
Character: A Female Dwarf
Rating: G
Source: Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Tolkien made this world – Kortirion made these drabbles.

She folded the soft leather into a neat roll, each precious needle-file sitting snugly inside its pocket. Her hammers were packed in wooden trunks, alongside clamps, gauges, tongs and the rest... Tomorrow, they’d be taken to the carts for the long ride south. It was exciting... but heart-breaking, what would be there? What was she leaving behind?

A bitter-sweet parting... but a golden opportunity to discover... oh, the whole world!

She turned the ivory comb in her hands – wide-toothed, smooth so as not to snag, the carved bar inlaid with worked stones and cunning metal - perhaps her best goldsmithing.

She knocked the Master’s door, and hearing the familiar rumbling assent, entered.

“All packed?”

She nodded.

“Good. I’ve a small thing or two you might find useful.” He indicated a package.

“I too would offer a memento...”

He unfolded the wrappings. Inside was the comb, beautiful, strong... exactly fit for purpose…

“A small reminder,” she said, “...you never did get the partings straight when you made the braids.”

He looked at her, eye-to-eye. For a moment she thought she’d gone too far... before he roared with laughter, gathering her off the ground in a great hug.

“I shall miss you!”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: hairdressing: parting, character: dwarves
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