Adonnen Estenniel (alphien) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Adonnen Estenniel

"A Drowning Suspicion" - Swimming Challenge.

Title: A Drowning Suspicion
Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien )
Characters/Pairing: Drogo Baggins, Primula (Brandybuck) Baggins
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: Setting, characters, and genius belong to the Tolkien Estate. I make no money from this.

They walked hand in hand through the woods, pausing occasionally to admire a curled fern or a half-hidden leveret. Away in the distance, her cousins' laughter echoed, and she sighed, glancing in the direction of the river.

"I wish you'd learn how to swim, Drogo," said Primula. She pressed her hip against his, inviting; her smile curved.

His brown eyes turned toward her sternly. "I don't think so," he said. "Water's a dangerous business I want no part in." Drogo grinned at his wife, then moved deeper into the stand of trees.

She watched him go with a sinking heart.
Tags: author: alphien, challenge: summer sports: swimming, character: hobbits
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