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challenge response, 'white'

Author: 22by7
Characters: Fingon (contemplates), Maedhros (lives)
Rating: kidsafe
Book/Source: the Silmarillion
Disclaimer: windowshopping only

There were the days before Maedhros awoke, bright-eyed with laughter not yet thin with madness. Comings and goings, hushed words and careful, careful, let me, let me, ((shh)). Careful.

Sunlight, there was sunlight, though weak, on dulling hair, a wet white arm thrown to a side, not now spreading out into hand into fingers. Obscene, it would have been, and if not then at least strange – but really, not even that.

Whitepale face and neck, that curious hue Fingon had learnt to associate with absence, and silence, and the slow ruin of this land of exile beneath his own feet.

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