wormwood_7 (wormwood_7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Rowing in August - "Rowing"

Author: wormwood_7
Characters: Faramir, Eowyn
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Source: LOTR 
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien.

Rowing in August

Dragonflies only live for a summer. He has begun to find their husks, still attached to their filigree-wings. There was one in the heavy wooden boat he is trying to manoeuvre.
The effort and the heat make his palms burn and his temper flare. She doesn't notice. Her face tuned away from him, her hand in the water.

He takes in the damp tracery of her hair across her bare shoulder...and stops rowing. Sweat-droplets roll along the line of her neck and skim the curve of her breast, before they fall into the dark plunge of her dress...one by one.
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