girl talk (22by7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
girl talk

Challenge response the second for 'white'.

Title: Dies Irae
Author: 22by7
Characters: Beren and...
Rating: contains death
Book/Source: the Silmarillion
Disclaimer: borrowed goods

Bled white and almost frozen, white of eyes, white of bones wrenched cruelly through the skin.

Beren closed his father's eyes with careful fingers, drew each soaked strand of hair back from his face. Barahir's hands were blue with the cold of death, the veins thick and knotted; but graceful hands that might have held a harp. In a different time.

There was a ring, flowers and serpents. Finrod's ring. Beren took it, mind blank of guilt or horror.

The earth clung under his nails, and the birds jeered as the broken body was interred in its final resting place.

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